MailChimp Newsletters

MailChimp offers a reliable platform to manage your newsletter distribution list, and it has great features to customise the layout and design of your newsletter.

MailChimp has competitive pricing, and offers a free plan if you subscriber list is under 2000 users. This is the perfect platform for email marketing campaigns. It has great features for tracking results, and is fully compliant for GDPR and POPI. It’s easy unsubscribe feature means that you will spend less time managing your subscriber list, all while offering compliance.

The valuable insights gathered helps to improve efficiency of your newsletters.

The API provided by MailChimp can be easily integrated into your website, so that new subscribers can sign up for communication directly from your website.

I can assist with a custom design for your newsletter template, making the look and feel blend in with your website and business branding. Content population can be done using existing templates, or new layouts can be designed for each newsletter.

If you are in need of a reliable, professional developer that can assist with your MailChimp Newsletters, please contact me for more details. If you don’t use MailChimp, I can also assist with custom coded HTML newsletters.