Website Migrations

You might find at some time it’s necessary to move your WordPress website to a new hosting company. This could be because of poor performance or service with an existing hosting company, or transfer of ownership of a website. I can assist you with changing your hosting company to a new provider.

I have many years of experience migrating WordPress websites, and many clients have come to rely on me when they need to change hosting companies.

Care needs to be taken so that the website is not offline for too long, as this will affect your search engine optimisation and ranking. Normally when I do a migration, there is very little or no downtime. I do backups and in some cases test your site on the new hosting platform before changing the DNS or transferring your domain.

I am able to setup your email addresses on the new hosting, and assist with email setup locally in your email program.

If you have a website or domain that needs to be migrated, contact me for assistance. I have migrated many small and large WordPress websites successfully.

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