WordPress Workshops

On a regular basis I present WordPress Beginner Workshops. These workshops are the perfect introductory training course available for WordPress.

You become familiar with the basics and find your way around the Dashboard. No coding experience is needed, and I will teach you the essential concepts of WordPress along with more than enough knowledge to get started.  If you attend this workshop, you will have the basic knowledge to setup a WordPress website, manage the content, install plugins and themes, and also attend to the general maintenance of your website.

Anyone that wants to learn how to add content and manage their own WordPress website can attend my WordPress Workshops.

Topics covered during the workshop

  • WordPress setup
  • Hosting and domains
  • Creating content
  • Installing plugins
  • Installing themes
  • Creating Menus and managing Widgets
  • SEO
  • Backups & Security
  • Plugin updates

More workshops and training

  • WordPress for Content Managers
  • Private WordPress Training
  • Security and Maintenance Workshop
  • WordPress eCommerce Workshop
  • WordPress SEO Workshop

For more information and enquiries about the WordPress training and workshops, please contact me.

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