SEO Audits

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is important for the success of your website. A carefully planned SEO strategy begins with an SEO Audit, assessing your website’s performance and quality. The audit will detect any errors that exists on your website, and provides crucial insights for necessary improvements.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is assessed, and adresses the structure of your website and ensures your website complies with Google’s best practices for site optimisation. Your website should be mobile-friendly, ensuring mobile users have the best experience possible when visiting your website. Tests are done to measure website performance on mobile, and feedback will be provided.

Website speed

Website speed is important, and is also part of the audit process. Your website’s speed will be assessed for desktop as well as mobile devices, and I will provide recommendations on how to speed up your WordPress website.

Unique, relevant content

The quality of the content on your website also affects your SEO score. Unique, interesting and relevant content will make your site interesting for visitors, and also improve your SEO. Headings and “keywords” should be strategically placed for optimal SEO.

Once the content audit has been completed, I can advise on a content strategy, and provide valuable feedback which will help your content SEO. If you need a copywriter to provide rich, interesting content, I can make a recommendation for a realiable copywriter.

SEO Audit Results and Fixes

The SEO Audit is delivered in a formal document, detailing where improvements need to be made and where the website lacks the necessary techncial SEO.

If you are interested in having your website assessed for SEO, contact me. My years of SEO experience enables me to provide to the point assessments, helping you with your website’s SEO. I also provide services to fix all the required technical and content issues that may exist on your website.

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