Social Media Audits

Social Media performance is measurable, and a Social Media Audit can point out crucial errors that prevents your business from being successfull with your marketing efforts on these platforms. If done correctly, social media can drive traffic to your website and offer brand exposure.

During a social media audit I will evaluate all aspects of your company’s social media profiles. Follower statistics is measured against performance and traffic, while also assessing your audience.

The audit is performed using Insight and Analytics software, and the information gathered during the audit is presented in a formal document. The results of the audit will provide valuable insights, helping you to understand and improve your social media profiles.

Assessments done during a Social Media Audit

  • Profile completeness and setup, and presentation
  • Brand visibility
  • Analysing competitor social media profiles
  • Audience assessment
  • Referrals from social media profiles
  • Determine which profiles will be most successfull for your business
  • Technical setup and integration with your website
  • Recommendations for improving interaction with followers
  • Content review

Are you doing everything possible but not gaining a following on social media? Then contact me for expert advice and a Social Media Audit.

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