Speed Optimisation

A slow WordPress website can negatively influence your SEO ranking, and also frustrate visitors to your website. When doing speed optimisation for your WordPress website, I will make sure that the website speed is optimal, and that everything on your site is optimised as best as it could possibly be.

There are many reasons why your WordPress website could be slow, and while there are WordPress plugins that can help with speed optimisation, a WordPress expert would need to assess this on a professional level to detect any issues with the code.

My speed optimisation service looks at every aspect of your WordPress Website and considers each in relation to the speed of the website and its overall performance. Queries sent to the database are analysed and reduced where possible, ensuring that the website has good performance.

Factors that influence speed

  • Website hosting platform and performance
  • WordPress framework or theme
  • Plugins that are used
  • Caching (both server-side and WordPress)
  • Content delivery
  • Image optimisation and compression
  • Database optimisation
  • Code (compression and minification)

If you are experiencing a slow WordPress website and not sure how to increase the speed and performance, contact me. As a professional WordPress developer I am able to fix speed issues and improve your website’s performance for an overall improved user experience.

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